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Podcast Kickstart Overview (73803 | sk9w1)

The Kickstart phase is all about laying the foundation for your podcast. It involves strategic planning, branding development, and preparation. This phase ensures that you have a clear vision and all the necessary elements in place before launching.

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Podcast Strategy

Podcasts are incredibly versatile because the content generated can repurposed in so many ways – across video, audio, images and text – from creating long and short form videos, to audio episodes and snippets to blog posts and social media posts and graphics.

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Prepare to Podcast

Podcast audio is typically distributed by hosting it on a server and making it available for download or streaming through a variety of platforms and programs, such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

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Podcast branding encompasses creating a distinct audio identity through music and voice elements, defining aligned messaging and communication styles, and establishing consistent visual branding with colors and fonts.

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Maximize your reach and engage a wider audience by repurposing your podcast as website and blog content. When you direct listeners to a page that you control , you can provide additional context, create a more immersive experience through video, audio and transcripts and add resources, offers and links that grow email subscribers and drive sales.

Beyond your website and blog, the content generated by your podcast can be used to build anticipation, generate awareness, create interest, provide additional information, and drive action through e mail teasers and announcements, show notes, YouTube video descriptions, and social media posts and tweets.

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Revision Requests

Videos, images, and graphics can help attract new listeners and build a following for your podcast. Using visual elements in your social media marketing efforts can be especially effective because they can help to grab people’s attention and make the content more engaging and memorable.