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Podcast: Launch > Tease

Podcast Teaser Overview (82563 | d98lu)

The Teaser phase is all about building anticipation and excitement for your podcast. It involves creating teaser content, engaging with your audience on social media, and preparing for a successful launch.

Podcast Deliverables: Velocity Teaser Package
Deliverable Category Quantity Produced
Social Media Teaser Posts Social Media 1
Social Media Teaser Graphics Social Media 1
Teaser Email Drip Series (3 Emails) Email 1
Launch Landing Page Website and Blog 1
Podcast Email Subscription Funnel (Form, Confirmation Page and Email) Website and Blog 1

Social Media – Caxy

Create buzz and excitement for the teaser phase of the podcast through content creation and posting across social media platforms.

Social Graphics
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Social Teaser Campaigns

Planning and executing an advanced pre-launch teaser campaign, including strategies to garner reviews, downloads, and subscribers on launch day.

Access Teaser Campaigns
Social Media Posts
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Create buzz and excitement for the teaser phase of the podcast through content creation and emailing potential listeners, viewers and subscribers.

Teaser Email Drip Series (3 Emails)
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Subscription Confirmation Email
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Revision Requests

Videos, images, and graphics can help attract new listeners and build a following for your podcast. Using visual elements in your social media marketing efforts can be especially effective because they can help to grab people’s attention and make the content more engaging and memorable.

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