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Podcast: Launch > Amplify

Podcast Amplify Overview (82563 | d98lu)

Amplify is the stage where you enhance your podcast’s reach and impact. It includes creating templates for marketing materials, setting up the podcast-specific website, configuring distribution channels, and producing multimedia content.

Podcast Deliverables: Velocity Amplify Package
Deliverable Category Quantity Produced
Add to Distributors Marketing 1
Video Templates Amplify Templates 1
Co-Marketing Portal Marketing 1
Podcast Website Marketing 1
Website Analytics Marketing 1
Audiogram Templates Amplify Templates 1
Quote Card Template Amplify Templates 1
YouTube Channel Art Amplify Elements 1
YouTube Channel Description Amplify Elements 1

Podcast Elements

Podcast Elements are the podcast assets necessary for the marketing of a podcast such as channel art and marketing descriptions.

YouTube Channel Art
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YouTube Description
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Podcast Templates ensure a consistent and professional look for your podcast across all marketing channels.

Episode Art (Solo)
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Episode Art (Interview)
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Quote Card
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Maximize your reach and engage a wider audience by distributing your content across a wide variety of marketing channels

Add to Distributors

Ensuring your podcast is available on popular podcast directories for maximum reach and accessibility.

Access Add to Distributors


Co-Marketing Portal

Establishing a co-marketing portal to collaborate with partners and affiliates for mutual promotion.



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Videos, images, and graphics can help attract new listeners and build a following for your podcast. Using visual elements in your social media marketing efforts can be especially effective because they can help to grab people’s attention and make the content more engaging and memorable.

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