Podcast Profit Calculator


Revenue Strategy

How will podcasting be profitable?
Rank the relative importance of each of the podcast revenue drivers

Ad Networks and Sponsors
Past Buyers and Leads
Outreach to Ideal Prospects
Convert Listeners
Convert Listeners
Strategic Partners, Acquisitions, JVs, Platforms
Influence, Educate, Endorse

Projected Episodes in Season

How many episodes do you plan to do each month?
If you don't podcast now, just test out a number, 4 episodes a month (12 in a season) is a good place to start. Once you've entered all other metrics, come back to episodes to see how it affects your podcast income.


Expected Podcast Income

What podcast income can you predictably generate?
Depending on the planning, production and promotion, you can expect cost-per-episode to range from $0-$1,000 or more. You can also partner with sponsors to help support your podcast in order to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Sponsor Revenue $
Sponsorship Revenue

Subtract Your
Production and Promotion

Podcast Costs $
Production and Promotion Costs

Average Audience Size

How many people will you reach with each episode?
Depending on the podcast, you can expect to reach 100 to 500 listeners.  Expand your audience by marketing your podcast across email, social media and other channels.

250Avg. Audience
50Avg. Audience10000Avg. Audience

Average Revenue

On average, how valuable is a single customer?
How much lifetime revenue can you generate each season for each of your products, services and events.  Remember to also factor in any significant joint venue and affiliate offers.  For many podcasts this number may vary or increase over time.

500Avg. Revenue
$100Avg. Revenue$900,000Avg. Revenue

Listener Conversions

How often does your audience buy each season?
How many sales can you generate each season for your products, services and events along with any joint venue and affiliate offers.  This is calculated by multiplying your total listeners during the season by your conversion rate.

.2% Audience Conversion Rate
0% Audience Conversion Rate10% Audience Conversion Rate

Guest Conversions

What how many sales do you generate via guests?
Many times the best sales opportunities come from the relationship you build with guests.  These my come in the form of direct sales, referrals, partnerships and invitations to speak on other people's podcast, virtual summit or in-person event.  Multiply the number of episodes within the season by the guest conversion multiplier to estimate your guest conversions.

.25x Guest Conversion Multiplier
0x Guest Conversion Multiplier5x Guest Conversion Multiplier








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Save Your Results

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